Nursery Crymes Dolls Get Down & Boogey!

Some time ago, I discovered a few of my NURSERY CRYMES dolls had been rather naughty behind my back! Apparently, on the 8th of August 2012, they climbed from the cabinets, sneaked out of the flat, out of town, travelled over the sea to Dublin, Ireland, and played at the Festival of the Chariots Benefit Gig charity gig!!!.

I found this out by lucky accident when doing a Google search on my images. I recognised their promo material immediately, it being created by myself for one of the YouTube videos - 'And Dolls Shall Rise'. Furthermore, the advertised link to the 'band page' was none other than the NURSERY CRYMES page on Facebook!!! I did, of course, click on it and, lo and behold, it was a genuine link to the page I created!!!

I interrogated them, but none made any admissions. However, due to reactions (fidgeting, pinking up and casting glances to each other which they thought would go undetected) some certainly put themselves in the frame. Now, there may well have been others, roadies and dancers and all, but just who and how many culprits there were I could not tell. Subsequently, they managed to persuade the festival advertisers to remove their promo material and 'band link' from the website - www.festivalandgigguide.ie - but it was too late, I had seen it!

Initially, I kept a very watchful eye on these dolls after what had been revealed, lest they got it into their heads to take off on a world tour!! However, I strongly suspected something else was being planned, because rather a lot of whispering was going on in the aftermath.

But, time passed as it always does and my attention went elsewhere, especially since nothing further caused alarm - not, that is, until a package arrived on the doorstep.

That morning I was up earlier than usual, otherwise this package may well not have been intercepted. Not only was there the above promotional picture with a crafty little band name change, but four recordings!!!!!!

So, it transpired they had been busy all those months composing music and laying down tracks in some secret recording studio, the location of which remains a mystery. After gasping for breath in astonishment, I played through each of the recordings. It only took a few moments before my feet were tapping and head bobbing, and in my enjoyment I forgot to be shocked, or even cross. What resourceful and talented little creatures I had created!!

At the sound of giggling I turned to see three or four little dolly heads peeking around the door. "Happy Mothers Day", they chorused, grinning from ear to ear.

In the fevour of artistic creativity these dollies forgot their pain, their troubled spirits were soothed and they have put something in the world which did not exist before ... and the world is surely a better place for it.

Play Loud!

Lead Vocals ................ SICKINDA

Lead Guitar ..................RABBITINA

Bass Guitar ................ BUGBERTA

Keyboards ................. SPINESVEN

Sax ............................... HARMISH

Drums ......................... BOOMU

Harmonica ................. HUNGRY HARRIET

"Elegantly cultured, a perfect gentleman, and a creature of preternatural beauty was Dorian Gray, but if you wished to truly know him, then know that his soul was dancing to the NC Dolly Band" - Thomas Golightly, MISHMASH magazine.


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